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Emergency Water Heater Repair Westminster, CO

If you don’t have hot water in the morning, it will ruin your whole day. You won’t be able to go to office, send your kids to school, or clean your dishes. Immediate repair is a must when your hot water system has stopped working.

Types Of Water Heaters We Service

Solar Water Heater – Solar water heaters are operated by solar power. The solar panels will be fixed on a place where it stays under the sun throughout the day. The solar power is stored in batteries in the form of electric energy. This stored energy is used to heat the heating element of the water heating. Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly alternative for gas powered or electric water heaters. Gas Powered Water Heater – Gas powered water heaters are standard water heaters that use natural house gas supply to heat up water in the heating tank. The temperature of the water is regulated by thermocouple and thermostat, they can sense the flame of the burner and corresponding temperature of the water to bring the water to the desired temperature. Electric Water Heater – Electric water heater can be tanked or tankless. Tank water heaters works the same way a gas water heater work. A heating element heats up the water in the tank and supply it to the people of the house. In the tankless version, the water is heating up as required instead of storing heating water. It serves a lot of people and also is energy efficient.

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Hot Water Installation

Hot water installation is job only licenced and experienced professionals should do. We have a highly experienced team in this regard. We know how to install hot water system that is durable and efficient. We use good quality material during installation process so you get the best of the best. Our hot water fixtures includes Bradford White, State, Rheem, Dornbracht, Kohler, and Toto and more. We are proud to be the best hot water plumber in Westminster.

Types Of Water Heater We Repair And Install

Solar Water Heater

As the name suggests solar water heaters run on solar power. If you want to save on electricity or gas and want to add a sustainable electric source for your water heater, solar water heaters are the best. Solar water heaters are one of the most energy efficient water heaters, they raw energy from the solar panels mounted on the roof. The solar panel stores energy when the sun is up and uses it for whenever you need. We can install a backup with the solar power, in case the sun doesn’t come out for multiple days due to bad weather.

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are also called tankless water heater. They do not need a tank to store the hot water. It is an effective way of modern water heating technology. The electric water heater comes with an equipment that need to fit in your house, the equipment consists of superheated tubes where the water passes from. It is much faster at heating water than traditional water heaters and according to the size, it can service a big family much better.

Gas Water Heater

Gas powered water heaters are the most common and reliable type of water heaters for people of Colorado. The water that runs through tubes gets heated by flame at the bottom of the tank. This type of water heater will keep running even if you do not have electricity. It can also provide a large amount of hot water to a big family. We can install hot water for new home or for provide complete replacement during a restoration process.

Emergency Water Heater Repair

Are you looking for emergency hot water repair? Not getting hot water get mess up your day, you need energy hot water service and that’s why we provide 24X7 Emergency hot water service. We have an emergency team which will came to your rescue fixing your hot water as quick as possible. You can call us on the number provided to get fast service.

Emergency Water Heater Service We Provide

Rust Colored Water

If you receive rust colored or discolored water from the faucet, you definitely can’t use it for drinking, cooking, cleaning or showering. It not only looks disgusting, it is not healthy to use. Since, we can’t function without water even for a single day, you need emergency water heater repair service. Usually such a problem happens due to excessive scale buildup which reacts with the water of gets dissolved with the water and produces the rusty color. Our team can check and solve the issue.

You are getting scalding hot water

Extremely hot water can burn your skin and is not feasible to use. If you notice too high temperature of water, it also means your gas is working over time to heat it up and thus using more energy causing higher gas bills. Such an issue happens due to wrong settings on the thermostat or malfunctioning thermostat. Thermocouple’s electric signal could also be the issue.

Water heater safety

T&P valves prevents your water heater from exploding. It is used on residential water heaters are usually designed and manufactured to alleviate 150 psi pressure and 210 degrees F temperature. ASME, ANSI, and CSA (AGA) licensed relief valves protect the water heater by discharging water from high pressures and temperatures.

Bad Smelling Water

Bad smelling water like that of rotten eggs is due to bacteria growth. Bacteria that grows in hot water, gives off sulphur which has the smell of rotten eggs. Using such water can give you food poisoning, nausea and other types of problems. Our emergency service will reach as soon as possible and treat your water heating tank with proper chemicals to remove any trace of the bacteria.

Leakage of water

A plumber will come out and patch the water heater as soon as possible if you have water pooling around the bottom of your water heater. Allowing water to pool will destroy the flooring and can contribute to excessive mold growth as well. It is also wasting water and gas. Water leakage could be part of a bigger problem, that you call our service team to look at.

You can smell gas

You have a potentially dangerous situation on your hands if you have a gas water heater and you smell gas emanating from its location. Gas and carbon monoxide are dangerous and potentially lethal gasses, and if a specialist does not fix them immediately and correctly, gas leaks will injure the family. In cases like these our plumbers have 24/7 support.
Emergency Water heater repair

Why Choose Us ?

Our emergency water heater repair company is experienced in saving our clients time and money through the experience and exceptional service that other plumbers can not equal. Since our company is primarily devoted to repair and installation of water heaters, our technicians are able to offer our consumers quicker, more reliable replacements, which are less expensive. Instead of sending you a minimal warranty water heater, we promise you full assured warranties toby the parts manufacturer of the water heaters themselves. Our replacement parts have come straight from authentic manufacturers. We provide one of the highest value prices in the market, with high-quality materials and a full tank warranty. We compliment ourselves in quality products and excellent customer service. We’re promising that. So guarantee that your water heater is up and running as soon as possible, we provide ‘ round – the-clock service. They make sure that in hours, not days, you have hot water, so you can go back to focusing on what counts. When you notice a problem with your water heater system, do not neglect it. Since water heater is such an essential part. It must be repaired immediately. We have dedicated emergency team who will provide prompt repair at any time of the day, any day of the weak.
Our emergency team provides quick service in case the water heating system isn’t working and you don’t have hot water. We can look at your pilot light to see if everything right with it. We can provide quick replacements in case any of the parts is damaged and needs replacement.

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