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Hot Water Heater Repair
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We provide one of the best repair and installation of water heaters in Elbert County, CO. We are certified and experienced in water heating services for the residences of Westminster. WE believe in the best customer service, you can rely on us for trustworthy plumbing professionals.

Plumbing Services In Elbert County, CO

We have worked hard, training and providing proper knowledge to our workers to become the plumbing company of choice for many homes, commercial places, and construction projects. In addition to repairing water heaters we also provide specialist gas plumbing maintenance and water heater installation services.

We understand how important it is for you to fix your water heater quickly anytime you find it not working. Neglecting a broken hot water system will cause you more problem, disrupt your daily routine. No matter what type of water heater service you need, installation, repair or replacement, we are professionals at it. We operate in Westminster, Federal Heights, Arvada. Call us today for free estimates.

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Hot Water Installation in Elbert County, CO

Hot water installation is job only licenced and experienced professionals should do. We have a highly experienced team in this regard. We know how to install hot water system that is durable and efficient. We use good quality material during installation process so you get the best of the best. Our hot water fixtures includes Bradford White, State, Rheem, Dornbracht, Kohler, and Toto and more. We are proud to be the best hot water plumber in Elbert County, CO.

Types Of Water Heater We Repair And Install in Elbert County, CO

Solar Water Heater

As the name suggests solar water heaters run on solar power. If you want to save on electricity or gas and want to add a sustainable electric source for your water heater, solar water heaters are the best.

Solar water heaters are one of the most energy efficient water heaters, they raw energy from the solar panels mounted on the roof. The solar panel stores energy when the sun is up and uses it for whenever you need. We can install a backup with the solar power, in case the sun doesn’t come out for multiple days due to bad weather.

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are also called tankless water heater. They do not need a tank to store the hot water. It is an effective way of modern water heating technology.

The electric water heater comes with an equipment that need to fit in your house, the equipment consists of superheated tubes where the water passes from.

It is much faster at heating water than traditional water heaters and according to the size, it can service a big family much better.

Gas Water Heater

Gas powered water heaters are the most common and reliable type of water heaters for people of Colorado. The water that runs through tubes gets heated by flame at the bottom of the tank.

This type of water heater will keep running even if you do not have electricity. It can also provide a large amount of hot water to a big family.

We can install hot water for new home or for provide complete replacement during a restoration process.

Emergency Water Heater Repair in Elbert County, CO

Are you looking for emergency hot water repair? Not getting hot water get mess up your day, you need energy hot water service and that’s why we provide 24X7 Emergency hot water service. We have an emergency team which will came to your rescue fixing your hot water as quick as possible. You can call us on the number provided to get fast service.

Hot Water Heater Repair in Elbert County, CO

Water heating is an essential necessity at homes. You can do away with electricity for a day but not without hot water. If you need a shower in the morning to go to important meetings, get your kids to school or just to start a day without hot water your whole day can be ruined. That’s why we repair all types of water heaters from gas, electric to solar.

Common Hot Water Issues We Solve in Elbert County, CO

Leaking Water

If the pipes that feed water to the heating system or that takes away from the system is faulty, loose or busted can lead to leaks in the pipe. Sometimes extreme condensation due to lack of ventilation can cause water leakage as well. Our plumbers can check what is causing the water to leak and fix the problem consecutively.

Low Hot Water pRESSURE

Hot water is fifty percent more likely to perform mineral deposit in the metal pipes. If you have an old water heating system what hasn’t been checked for a long time, the culprit can very well be clogged pipes. Mineral deposit can clog pipes, bust them and make the water pressure low. Call our except hot water experts so we can inspect what is causing the low pressure then fix the issue.

Dirty Water

If you notice red, muddy and rusty water, it is again due to scale build up in the tank or pipes. Sometimes the anode also corrodes to make the water rusty. When the heating elements start reacting with the sediments or mineral deposit, it may start to dissolve with the water. Call us immediately if you notice such problems. Do not use that water to clean dishes or for cooking.

No Hot Water

If you do get hot water when you open your faucet check your hot water flame first thing. Often times the flame does not work properly which may cause the water to not heat up. If you have electric heaters the problems could be anything from faulty heating element, electric default to broken thermostat.

NoISY hOT Hot Water sYSTEM

Noises can be sign of scale buildup in the tank. Scale buildup often break apart and fold around in the tank like small metal pieces, when the scale inside the tank moves due to convection it also move the sediments causing the noises. Make sure to get a professional check the tank. We can provide thorough cleaning service to solve the problem.

Smelly Hot Water

The water may smell due to two reasons, one is due to mineral build up and the other is due to bacteria growth. Hot water tanks are like heaven for bacteria. If you notice an unusual smell in the water like rotten eggs, it is indicative of bacterial growth. Get it checked. We can provide a thorough inspection and cleaning so you get clean water.

Hot Water Repair & Maintenance in Elbert County, CO

If you want to avoid expensive hot water repairs and keep the hot water running throughout the year, you might consider annual maintenance. Annual testing not only prevents any damages, it also increases the longevity of your hot water system. Mineral and scale buildup in the pipes and the tank is the biggest issue for hot water system. Since hot water tanks are the little  places where scale buildup happens, if you want to keep getting safe water and healthy tanks.We have specialised maintenance team that can check the tanks, heating elements thermostat, pipes and other parts as a part of annual maintenance.

Hot Water Installation & Replacement in Elbert County, CO

If you are looking to replace your hot water tank, pipes of any other parts, we provide the best replacement products. Sometimes when the damage is too extensive or the hot water system is too old to be repaired, replacements becomes must. You notice excessive leaking, no hot water flow, discoloured water, call one us on the number given and we will send our inspection team to check what needs to be done.

We promise to be tell you honestly how to affordably fix the problem. We will never ask you to get services that are not required just to bill you more. We have good relations with the manufacturer of hot water parts. We can get your discounted deals of the best quality parts that has warranty as well.

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