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Hot Water Heater Repair Westminster, CO

Water Heaters needs to be on top form to be able to provide enough hot water for your household. If you hot water is not working properly, we give the best hot water repair service in the town. The common type of gas powered hot water system uses uses burner to heat up water in the water heater tank.

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The burners at the bottom of the tank burn at cycles to heat up the cold water. You can set up the desired temperature, the sensors inside the heater tank will sense the temperature of the water, once the temperature rises above the desired level, it triggers the birn to turn off and when the temperature goes below, it triggers the burner to turn on again. Water heater comprises of three main units
  • Tank
  • Heating element or burners
  • And safety element
Cold water comes to the tank through dip tube. The water in the tank is heated by burning of natural gas. In case of electric heater heating elements gets heated up by electricity. For solar powered water heaters heating elements gets heated up by electricity from the solar panels, they also have an alternative source of heating installed usually gas heating. Water heaters with gas burners will vent carbon dioxide gases to the outside of the house. The exhaust flows by insert and flue in the back draft. The flue allows removal of the fumes to the outside of the home.

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No Hot Water

If you notice your hot water heater is not providing enough water it might be because of the switched off pilot or burner. If the burner is the issue we can fix it as mentioned above. However, sometimes the thermostat is the problem behind no hot water. Through turning off and on the pilot, the thermostats control the water temperature. When the water cools below the thermostat temperature setting, the pilot is turned on. When the water reaches a predetermined temperature it shuts the pilot off. If one or both of the thermostats fail, the water heater will either cease to emit hot water or could heat the water to unsafe levels. Other issues with the thermostat may include wrong setting on the thermostat.

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We can check what is causing the thermostat to not function, if needed we can replace the thermostat with a functional one.

Noisy Gas Water Heater

If you have usually noisy water heater, it might be due to the scale buildup in the heating tank. Sediments often float around in the tank, bang against the wall of the tank, react with water and make noise. To solve this problem, we first switch off all the heating elements.  We drain the whole water out, reach inside the tank with proper safety gear and equipment and clean your tank. Sedimentation cleaning needs experience and knowledge. After proper cleaning, the tank will not make noise.


If you notice a high gas bill that goes even higher during winters, it may be due to gas leaks. Replacing the flue pipe may be the remedy. One problem may be the need to correctly clean the water heater and have contaminants collected.

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One problem may be the need to correctly clean the water heater and have contaminants collected. If too many minerals accumulate at the bottom of the tank, the water heater will need more energy for operation. We can clean your water heater tank which will also increase the lifespan of your water heater.


When the flame of the burner doesn’t stay lit it is due to either of the two problems:
  • The burner is broken
  • The thermocouple is worn off
Thermocouple is a device which is like sensor. It sends an electric signal to the gas valve to stay open when the pilot is lit. If your thermocouple is worn, it won’t send a signal to the gas valve and it will not stay open causing the flame to go off again and again. In such a case thermocouple needs to immediately replaced and installed with the new one for the water heater system to work properly.


A leaky water heater can cause serious moisture issues in the basement or worse flooding.

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A drippy water heating is not as effective at heating water, neither is it energy efficient. Our gas is going to waste along with water if the water heater is leaky. A leaky water heater needs immediate professional help or it may turn out to be a safety hazard.
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Water Heater’s Drip Tube Is Not Working Properly

If your hot water is lukewarm or not as hot as it used to be, your dip tube may be broken. The dip tube is a plastic pipe which goes down to the bottom of the tank from the cold water inlet. The purpose of the dip tube is to deposit the cold water that comes down into the tank, where it is heated. As the water is heated it rises to the top, through the hot water outlet, where it exits the tank. The cold water entering the tank combines with the hot water at the rim, creating a lack of hot water when there is a gap or a split in the dip channel. The dip tube test and change method is relatively simple. Nonetheless, it is in your best interest to contact a professional plumber if you are at all uncertain about doing this maintenance.

Relief  Valve Is Not Working

When the water inside a water heaters heats up it expands, that’s just simple physics. Liquid expands on heating. This expansion builds up a pressure inside the water heating system. The relief valve on the water heater just does it’s job when the pressure builds up enough, and relieves the excess pressure by releasing a little vapor. If your relief valve is not working properly, your water heating system has a severe lack of safety. Your water heater can explode any time in such a case. You can carry out a free inspection of your water heating so we can determine if your relief valve is working properly.
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