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We take hot water for granted, it is only when that the hot water system breaks down and we do not get hot water in the morning we realise how important it is in our lives. High quality installation and reliable repair service for hot water is essential if you want to increase the longevity of your hot water system.

Hot Water Maintenance

Our team provides annual hot water maintenance service for residential as well as commercial hot water system. We have all the necessary equipment and trained professionals knowledge to carry out quick and effective Maintenance Services for hot water system. When you try to clean your hot water system or try to do the maintenance yourself, it might not be as effective or safe. Instead of fixing the water heater system and cleaning on your own, you might end up making it work improperly, that’s why we recommend calling professionals.

Why Is Maintenance Of Water Heating System Required?

Maintenance is essential if you want any equipment to work effectively. Maintenance requires time and knowledge especially when you are trying to clean or fix your water heater system. Maintenance increases the lifespan of your water heater in addition to making it more effectively heat water using less gas or electricity in case of electric heaters. We provide all kinds of water heater services from replacement to repairs and installations so you can perform basic household functions such as washing hands, cleaning dishes, showering etc.

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Things We Look For During Maintenance

Scale Build Up

When you are using hot water system it is quite likely that you may face a large amount of mineral sedimentation and scale buildup inside the tank and in the pipes. Our team will drain out all the water from the tank then clean up the scale build up inside the tank thoroughly. They will also make sure to clean up scale buildup inside the pipes if we notice completely clogged pipes with mineral sedimentation that cannot be removed, we will replace the pipes with new once. Hiring a professional for the cleaning process is necessary, since only professionals know where all the valves are located and operate is during the maintenance process.

Check the thermostat

Thermostat inside water heater maintains the temperature of the water and stops it from getting too much heated or not heated at all. Our technicians will check the thermostat to make sure it is working properly. We can change the temperature of the thermostat to your desired temperature. Different type of manufacturer have different type of of preferred water heating temperature optimum performance we can check the manual of the heaters manufacturer and turn the thermostat to that temperature.

Check pressure release valve

The pressure release valve is an important part of the water heater it is a safety device that controls the pressure that builds up inside the tank when the water heats up. If this pressure release valve is not working properly it may cause extreme damage and even explosion. Our professional know exactly what to look for during the check up of pressure release valve. We will check that the discharge pipe connected with the pressure release valve is draining water properly and if we see that the pressure release valve is not working we can fix the issue then and there.

Hot Water Repair

Another hot water service we provide is water heater repair. If your hot water system doesn’t work doesn’t heat water properly or if the hot water flow does not have enough pressure to perform normal household functions your hot water system might need repair. We have fixed issues such as discolored or bad smelling hot water by cleaning or replacing old tanks. Scale buildup can also cause noisy water heaters that we can provide a quick fix for.
Hot Water Components We Fix

Hot Water Components We Fix

Hot Water Tank

Hot water tank is the large cylindrical tank that holds the water which then heats up and gets used by you. If you have an old tank that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained in a long time you might want to call us and let us take a look at it. Old Tanks needs thorough cleaning and removal of mineral buildup inside it.

Dip Tube

Dip tube inside the tank is the tube that drips cold water inside the tank which then gets heated up. If the tube is not working properly you will not get enough hot water. If your tube is broken on we can fix it.

Discharge Pipe

Discharge pipe cat is the hot water and supplies it to your home. If your discharge pipe is clogged broken or leaked we can replace or repair it with high quality discharge pipe.

Gas Burner

Gas burner displaced underneath the pipe that bones and heats up your water. If your gas burner is not working your water will not heat up properly. We can repair broken gas burners so that it works like the way it should.

Hot Water Installation

If you are needing to install a functional hot water system at your home you would want to call the best professional service. We have years of experience in hot water installation for residential as well as commercial hot water requirement. We know hot water system in and out. We have good relationships with the manufacturer of hot water components. We can get you good deals for the hot water system parts.  

We Believe In Excellence

We not only provide affordable hot water heater service but exceptional quality service as well. We are proud of the quality of work we provide and the quality products we use. All of our workers are trained with modern techniques and methods for better hot water heater service, so they can do their job quickly and with efficiency. Our customers are satisfied with the service we provide and we thrive to get good reviews and ratings for the work we do. We are customer friendly and believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

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